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Ultra low-temperature freezers are available in the working range of up to -80˚Cand -40˚C for hospitals, blood banks, research institutes, vaccine storage, etc.


  • MAC Ultra-Low temperature Freezer offers an economical solution to a wide variety of research and storage applications such as low-temperature scientific experiments, preservation of red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bone, bacteria, semen, biomedical product, ocean product, electronic devices and low-temperature testing of special materials. It is suitable for blood banks, hospitals, sanitation, and anti-epidemic stations, electronic industries, university laboratories, military industries, pelagic fishery companies.
  • Outer body made of CRC Sheet duly powder coated.
  • Inner Chamber and trays made of Stainless Steel (SS-304 grade).
  • Extra thick insulation effectively reduces the loss of cold air.
  • Fitted with Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller.
  • Inside temperature ranging from -40˚C ~ -86˚C can be set freely. (continuous working -80˚C in AC Room)
  • Digital temperature display.
  • Casters wheel mounted for easy mobility.
  • Cooling coils are placed between foamed-in-place PUF insulation and the inner side of stainless steel chamber eliminating any chances of FROST FORMATION on the evaporator which leads to choking of COMPRESSOR/CONDENSING UNIT.
  • Useful for low-temperature quick freezing and storing of Vaccines, Biological and medical specimens, Blood Components and general laboratory freezing applications.
  • Evenly spread evaporator accounts for higher temperature uniformities throughout the cooling chamber
  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz, Single Phase.


  • Temperature range (in AC Room): -40˚C ~ -86˚C (continuous working -80˚C in AC Room)
  • MOC Outer: CRC Sheet duly powder coated.
  • MOC Inner: Chamber and trays made of Stainless Sheet (SS-304)
  • Insulation: High Density PUF insulation for tighter temperature controls.
  • Temperature Control: Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller with LCD display or HMI - PLC TFT Touch Screen Display.
  • Display: Digital LED Set value (SV) & Process value (PV)
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
Gross Capacity100 Ltrs.200 Ltrs.400 Ltrs.600 Ltrs.800 Ltrs.
Temperature (In AC Room)-86⁰C-86⁰C-86⁰C-86⁰C-86⁰C


  • Circular Chart Recorder to cost extra.
  • Power back-up, in event of power failure for continuous display of chamber temperature.