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Efficient PRO series makes evaporation and distillations under vacuum and rotation at controlled high/low temperatures with motorized lift with TFT INTUTIVE TOUCH SCREEN PANEL.


  • Digital display of both rotation speed and heating temperature allows for optimal control of all distillation processes
  • 5L heating bath with a wide temperature range from room temp. to 180°C)
  • Speed range from 20 to 280rpm
  • Vertical Cooling condenser with excellent cooling effect
  • Corded remote-controlled lift mechanism ensures easy removal of evaporating flask
  • PTFE vacuum seal accurate for leak-proof working.
  • At the heart of our PROPLUS series is the touch screen graphical Programmable Logic Controller which delivers exceptional management with progressive notifications.
  • Our PROPLUS series RVE’s have following unique features:
  • Recording of operation parameter: Each RVE’s has a 7” TFT (TOUCH SCREEN) HMI AND PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROL) integrated unit with graphic devices which will automatically and continuously monitor and records dates, time of day, load identification number and operating parameters throughout the entire length of the rotary vacuum evaporator cycle and all data can be transferred via EPROM port by simply inserting a pen drive, which can easily be transferred to any PC/Desktop.
  • Touchscreen PLC for accurate parameter control power failure restore and password protection up to 3 levels.
  • User settable alphanumeric batch number and operator name
  • Power failure restore
  • 3 Level password protection
  • User settable alphanumeric batch no. with the operator
  • Printing in smart tabular format with date, time, batch number, operator name, and status
  • Enables authentic documenting of every cycle (ON PEN DRIVE)
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
Capacity1 Ltr.3 Ltrs.5 Ltrs.10 Ltrs.
Motor Type Brushless DC motor
Speed Range20-280rpm
DisplayLED (speed, temperature, time)
Heating Temperature RangeRoom temp. to 180°C
Control Accuracy±1°C
Heating Power 1300W
Stroke DisplacementAutomatic 150mm ± 5 mm
Vertical Stroke (Push N)8000 N
Vertical Stroke (Motor)5 Amp / 24 DC / 3400 rpm
Rated Load (24 V DC)3.3 mm/s
Control Box (Transformer)3.3 mm/s
Control Box (Transformer)EI / TOROIDAL / SMPS
Control Box (IP Rating)IP-66
Control Box (Certification)IEC60601-1/ROHS / ES /UL60601-1
Time Setting Range1-999min
Permissible Ambient Temperature5-40°C
Permissible Relative Humidity80%RH
Protection ClassIP20
Voltage/Frequency 200-240V 50/60 Hz


  • Power Back-up in case of supply description (for lifting Up/Down)
  • Capacity : 1.2 Ah
  • Input Voltage : 29 ~ 45 V DC
  • Output Voltage : 24 V Dc, 1.2 A
  • IP Rating : IP 66
  • Automatic motor lift releases the evaporating flask to a safe position in case of power failure
  • Overheating protection temperature at 220°C
  • Oil Free Vacuum Pump
  • Liquid Water Circulator Chiller
  • Glassware & Accessories