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  • Bench Top manifold top press type freeze dryer.
  • Vertical freeze dryer is suitable for experiment in laboratory and a small amount production. The machine has heating shelves and programmable function.
  • Complies with international standards of green environment.
  • CFC Free refrigeration
  • Big opening condenser has pre-freeze function.
  • Low noise compress, good efficiency, long service life.
  • Condenser (COLD TRAP) and top panel are all stainless steel (SS-304 grade).
  • Secure and intuitive transparent drying room.
  • Small volume, easy and convenient operation.
  • Fitted with PLC-HMI touch screen interface which displays sample temperature curve, condenser temp. curve, shelf temp. curve, vacuum degree curve and compound curves.
  • Program can be altered during running process, final drying curves stored.
  • Electrical system uses PID control, more precise control.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
No. Load Condenser Temperature-40°C-50°C-80°C
No. Load Freezer Drying Area0.18-0.27m3
Condenser Capacity3 - 5 Ltr /24hrs.
Vacuum Degree< 10 Pa
Ability to Capture Water4-5 Kg/hrs.
Material Tray Stainless Steel, Φ200mm, 3 layers (spacing adjustable)
Bulk Capacity0.9L, 10mm thickness
Vial Capacity Φ 12mm990 pcs
Vial Capacity Φ 16mm555 pcs
Vial Capacity Φ 22mm270 pcs
Vial Head Crimper1 No. for crimping aluminium seats on SEPTUTA post Lyophilization and Drying under Vacuum
Ampoule Sealing Torch
Style of PressBy hand
Manifold/No of PortsOne manifold with 8 ports
Ability to Hold Flasks1000ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml
Ambient ConditionsAmbient temperature <25°C (AC Room)
Voltage220V, 50Hz


  • 1 Nitrogen purge value.