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  • Freeze Drying is the process of removing the moisture from a biological product while maintaining the integrity of the biological products, chemical structure and activities. Freeze Drying technology is used in particular for removal of moisture from the products usually of biological origin without causing any noticeable change in the original characteristics. Freeze Drying is also the preferred process in the field of Pharmacy, Chemistry and in conservation of Food.


  • Heat sensitive biological materials may be freeze-dried without affecting their potency. The dried materials may be stored for years at room temperature without loss of their original characteristics.
  • The freeze-dried material may be transported and shipped in small containers, and no provision is necessary for refrigeration enroute.
  • Bacterial growth and enzyme action do not take place in freeze-dried products and proteins do not coagulate.
  • Oxidation of many materials such as hemoglobin and vaccines is completely prevented when drying and sealing is done under high vacuum.


  • All MAC units are provided with following basic requirements:-
  • A Drying Chamber or Manifold on/in which the containers with pre-frozen samples are connected/placed.
  • A high Vacuum double stage pumping system with gas ballast with ultimate vacuum of less than 50 microns in the system and 10 microns on pump head to facilitate the vapour flow to the condenser for speedy drying.
  • A low temp. condenser to trap the moisture vapour and allow the non-condensable vapours to go to the pump for release to the atmosphere.


  • Bench Top type freeze dryer.
  • Outer chamber made of CRC sheet duly powder coated and inner chamber is made of stainless steel (non-magnetic).
  • Housed in a super structure steel frame it is mounted on swivel casters.
  • Complete with Perspex see through lid.
  • High grade PUF INSULATED between outer and inner chamber for minimal thermal losses.
  • Condenser Trap : All non-magnetic stainless steel fabricated, argon welded, dished-bottom for complete effluent removal.
  • Refrigeration coils made of copper bonded to outside of condenser heavily insulated.
  • Low noise compressor, good efficiency, long service life.
  • CFC Free refrigeration.
  • Complies with international standards of green environment.
  • Big opening condenser has pre-freeze function.
  • Condenser (COLD TRAP) and top panel are all stainless steel (SS-304 grade).
  • Secure and intuitive transparent drying room.
  • Small volume, easy and convenient operation.
  • Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller with LED display OR TFT Touch Screen Display Controller interface.
  • Program can be altered during running process.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
No. Load Condenser Temperature-40°C-50°C-80°C
No. Load Freezer Drying Area12 Liters (0.118m3)
Condenser Capacity3 - 5 Ltr /24hrs.
Vacuum Degree< 10 Pa
Drying Chamber (SS-304) Stainless Steel 230mm (dia) x 285mm (D)
Cold Trap Dimensions (SS-304) 230mm (dia) x 230mm (D)
Vacuum Probe Electric vacuum transducer
Vacuum Indicator Digital vacuum indicator
Vacuum Seals Made of Silicon rubber
Ultra Ultimate Vacuum (Pump Head) 1x 10ֿֿֿֿֿ² torr
Vacuum Pump Direct drive motor rotary vane type vacuum pump of double stage with Air ballast having ultimate vacuum of 1x10-2 torr on pump head
Manifold/No of Ports One manifold with 8 ports
Ability to hold flasks 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml
Ambient Conditions Ambient temperature <25°C (AC Room)
Voltage 220V, 50Hz
Power 1400W


  • See thru transparent drying chamber (240 mm Ø x 300 mm depth) to cost extra.
  • See thru transparent drying chamber with Three Stage Shelf (#ST-3SS)
  • See thru transparent drying chamber with Three Screwable Rack (#STC)
  • See thru transparent drying chamber with Three Stage Shelf and 8 Vacuum Handle Valves (#SC-8V)
  • See thru transparent drying chamber with Three Stage Screwable Rack and 8 Vacuum Handle Valves (#STC-8V)
  • 3 Stage Shelf Stainless Steel Drying Rack
  • 3 Stage Bottom Heated Stainless Steel Drying Rack
  • 2 Stage Table Cart with lockable casters
  • Silicon Drum attachment for 2ml ampoule
  • Glass vial sealing, in-situ, arrangement for sealing and pressing of rubber septum on 2 ml glass vials with 3 trays to accommodate glass vial, to cost extra.
  • Vial head Crimper to cost extra.
  • Glass vials 2 ml cap (Pack of 340 vials)
  • Rubber septum (Pack of 500 septums)
  • Aluminium cap for 2 ml vials (Pack of 1000 caps)
  • Glass ampoule 2 ml to cost extra (Pack of 480 Ampoules)
  • Disposable gas torch for sealing ampoules under vacuum.
  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer to cost extra.