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Designed for heavy duty Industrial and Laboratory drying/digestion/curing applications reqiuring temperature range upto 250 deg. C.


  • Suitable for various industrial, laboratory and R & D applications.
  • Heavy Forced Air Circulation by Strong and Reliable axial flow fans for cross flow circulation.
  • Voltage and Ampere meter equipped for monitoring safe operating of the machine.
  • Digital PID Control System enables superior temperature accuracy
  • Over Temperature & Over Current Protection.
  • Adjustable Damper to exhaust moist air or fumes/vapors which in turn enhances efficiency
  • Heating is through special grade tubular air heaters placed in the circulating air path.
  • Sturdy triple-walled unit built with suitable mild steel sections and heavy gauge mild steel sheet.
  • High-Grade Mineral wool insulation is stuffed in between the formed cavity to eliminate heat losses when the oven is operated at the desired temperature.
  • Interior of the oven is painted with high-temperature aluminum paint.
  • Exterior of the oven is powder-coated
  • Brackets to support the heavily laden drying trays at adjustable height are provided on the sides of inner walls.
  • Unit is supplied without trays.
  • Trays, if required made of aluminum or stainless steel (SS-304), are available at extra cost.
  • Fitted with Microprocessor Based PID Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller with Digital LED Display for Set Value (SV) & Process Value(PV) or with MICROPROCESSOR BASED SEMI-AUTOMATIC PID DIGITAL Temperature Indicator-Cum-Controller with an in-built DIGITAL TIMER to control the temperature from ambient +5˚C to 250˚C ± 5˚C. Once the unit is switched ‘ON’ heating starts automatically and once the set/desired value is achieved the inbuilt AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER starts automatically. Once this set time period is over the heaters are switched “OFF” automatically and the unit sounds a BUZZER. Thus alerting the user that the process is complete. (OPTION)
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
ModelINNER DIMENSIONS (WXDXH) (in mm)INNER DIMENSIONS (WXDXH) (in Feet)Maximum Tray Holding Capacity
#ITDO-323900x600x9003’ x 2’ x 3’12
#ITDO-333900x600x9003’ x 2’ x 3’12
#ITDO-334900x900x12003’ x 2’ x 4’24
#ITDO-335900x900x15003’ x 2’ x 5’24
#ITDO-326900x600x18003’ x 2’ x 6’24
#ITDO-336900x900x18003’ x 3 x 6’48
#ITDO-338900x900x24003’ x 3’ x 8’60
#ITDO-4381200x900x24004’ x 3’ x 8’96
#ITDO-4641200x1800x12004’ x 6’ x 4’48

Price without trays (trays available at extra cost)

*SAD Controller :- Microprocessor based digital temperature indicator-cum-controller with an in built digital timer and alarm.


  • Each Aluminum tray to cost extra.
  • Each Stainless Steel tray (SS-304 Grade) to cost extra.