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Horizontal Front Loading Cylindrical triple-walled models for high-pressure sterilization.


  • MAC Horizontal Triple Walled Autoclaves are most ideal for critical applications requiring assured and reliable total destruction of all living micro-organisms.
  • All ideal tool for Laboratories, hospitals, nursing home, R&D labs, etc.
  • The inner chamber, steam jacket, outer chamber, and boiler are made of heavy gauge stainless steel with leak-proof argon arc welding.
  • Lid is made of thick machined Mild Steel plate lined with stainless steel from inside
  • The space between the outer chamber and steam jacket is filled with glass wool to minimize thermal losses.
  • Hydraulically tested to withstand 2.5 times the working pressure.
  • Steam boiler is fitted with water level indicator, pressure gauge, low water cut-off device, and automatic pressure control device.
  • Fitted with safety valve as a safety device.
  • Drain valve is fitted at the side bottom for easy draining/cleaning.
  • The unit is provided with a positive self-locking safety door which cannot be opened while the chamber is under pressure and disengages automatically when the chamber is exhausted.
  • This affords complete safety to the working personnel against the explosive opening.
  • Two separate valves are provided for evacuating steam from inner chamber and jackets as and when desired.
  • Sterilization Cycle is controlled by SINGLE POINT Multiport Valve.
  • The chamber discharge line is fitted with a moisture trap to absorb the condensate automatically thus preventing moistening of the loaded material to be sterilized.
  • An automatic vacuum breaker is fitted to all “MAC” units as a standard accessory, in order to break vacuum in case of steam condensation.
  • The flanged immersion-type heating element made from very high-grade material provides the fast formation of pressure in the system and are protected through an electric low water level cut-off device.
  • All “MAC” Sterilizers are provided with triple safety features, through a “PIEZOSTAT” (Automatic Pressure Control System) and a spring-loaded safety valve fitted to the boiler/steam generator. The chamber is fitted with spring-loaded safety valve and a dead weight release valve.
  • Highly accurate temperature indicator is fitted for monitoring temperature.
  • To work on 440Volts, 3phase, 50Hz AC supply.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
Inner Dimensions (Dia x Depth) 400x600 mm400x1100 mm500x900 mm500x1200 mm600x1100 mm
Capacity88 ltrs162 ltrs165 ltrs221 ltrs300 ltrs
Heater Load6.0 KW9.0 KW9.0 KW9.0 KW18.0 KW
GasketMade of Jointless Silicon Rubber
DisplayDial Thermometer (Standard with the unit)
Exhaust of PressureManual through a Exhaust valve
Sterilizing Pressure 1.2 to 1.5 kgf /cm² (15 to 20 psi) at 121°C
Operating PressureFrom 15 Psi to 20 Psi
Pressure Gauge0-2.1 kgf /cm² (30 psi)
MOC (Pressure Vessel)Stainless Steel (SS-304)
MOC (Jacket)Stainless Steel (SS-304)
MOC (External Wall)Stainless Steel (SS-304)
MOC (Boiler)Stainless Steel
MOC (Lid)Made of thick machined Stainless Steel plate
POWER SUPPLY440V AC, 3 Phase Supply
MOC (Lid)Made of mild steel


  • G-LOG – Fully automatic digital (FAD) with real time data logger with CENTRONIC PRINTER PORT (DOT MATRIX) and USB Port for taking data (Paperless Data Recording) and Saving ON PC. (DOT Matrix Printer to customer scope)
  • P-LOG – Fully automatic digital (FAD) with real time data logger with CENTRONIC PRINTER PORT (DOT MATRIX) and RS-485 PC communication port with 21 CFR compliant software and data cable for logging data directly to your PC. (DOT Matrix Printer and PC to customer scope).
  • Digital Temperature Controller with timer can be fixed at an extra cost. Once the temperature is attained it will automatically start the timer. It raises on alarm at a set time, so that operator is alerted & he can perform balance operations.
  • Automatic water feed system can be incorporated in the boiler, so that at higher level is switched off the water pump and restart is at lower level automatically.
  • Digital Pressure & Compound gauges can be provided in lieu of analog gauges.
  • Vacuum pulsing through a closed coupled water ring high vacuum pump for creating forced vacuum and fast drying process.
  • TFT Touch Screen Display Controller in lieu of LCD Display.
  • Multipoint Temperature/Pressure Scanner with LCD display and CENTRONIC port for printer. Total 8 scanning points with five for temperature and one for pressure. Supplied complete with 7 Nos. RTD probes and one pressure transmitter sensor.
  • Double door for any of the above models to cost extra.
  • Spare Silicon Gasket to cost extra.
  • Spare Silicon Gasket to cost extra.
  • Circular chart recorder to cost extra (for Temperature only).
  • Circular chart recorder to cost extra (for Temperature and Pressure only).