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  • Specially designed if your media depends on refrigerator and to cut the risks caused by erratic and long power cuts our in demand refrigerator manufactured in norms with international standards using special coolant packs.
  • Modern day research in various laboratories, hospitals, vaccine storages, institutes, industries require these refrigerator where in case of longer power cuts the loaded media requires a longer hold over time of 8-12 hours at rated conditions.
  • Fitted with a CFC/HCFC free optimized and balanced refrigeration system.
  • Foamed in-place PUF (Polyurethane Insulation) accounts for an excellent holdover time.
  • Temperature from -16°C to -20°C, is controlled with the help of Microprocessor Based Temperature Indicator-Cum-Controller.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
Gross Volume100 Liters200 Liters300 Liters400 Liters500 Liters800 Liters
MOC (Inner)Moulded plastic inner liner OR stucco lined with solid hard top door
MOC (Outer)CRC sheet duly powder coated
Doors SingleSingleSingleDoubleDoubleDouble
Temperature Range-16°C to -20°C
VoltageSingle Phase 230/230V AC / 50Hz
Temperature controlMicroprocessor Based Digital Temp. Controller


  • Input voltage should be ± 6% | Operation condition 5°C to 43°C