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Digital Oil Bath MSW-276 (SL)

  • Offers highest level of performance, flexibility and central for most demanding high temperature application.
  • User friendly and easy to use controls simplify operation.
  • An easy to maintain seamless Stainless-Steel (SS-304) interior chamber and epoxy powder-coated electro galvanized steel exterior resist corrosion and chemical damage.
  • Rounded, seamless die-pressed Stainless Steel (SS-304) reservoir and perforated diffuser tray resist rust and contamination for simple maintenance.
  • Fitted with non-slip rubber feet for safety.
  • Styled and recessed side lifting handles facilitates ease of handling.
  • Gap between inner & outer chamber is filled with high grade insulation for minimum thermal loss.
  • Rugged, high-performance bath maintains Oil temperature from ambient +5°C to 250°C.
  • Microprocessor Digital temperature readout with least count/resolution of 0.1°C.
  • Clearly visible bright status indicators display set value and process value simultaneously with provision for digital calibration through membrane keys.
  • Anti -Bacterial powder coated exterior inhibits growth of bacteria. A specially formulate additive, a proven anti-bacterial agent, is bound in coating media during application and curing process.
  • Drain outlet provided for fast emptying. For emptying convenience a special drain tap (see accessories) can be ordered separately.
  • Concealed heating elements underneath the tank provides a "clear and "clutter free" working area and facilitates ease of cleaning.
  • Allows easy temperature setting with ±0.1°C precision at the push of a button.
  • Microprocessor control with bright three-digit LED displays process bath temperature as well as set value range with integrated timer.
  • Integrated minute timer allows starts automatically. Once the unit switched "ON" heating starts automatically and the set/desired temperature is achieved, the inbuilt AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER starts automatically. Once this set period is over the heaters are switched "OFF" automatically with Buzzer, alerting the user for cycle end.
  • Includes a stainless-steel flat lid.
  • Diffuser Tray: All systems come with a stainless steel perforated diffuser tray-the diffuser tray separates contents placed in to the Oil bath from the bottom of the tank to promote better temperature uniformity.
  • Independent high limit Over-temperature safety circuit prevents thermal overrun.
  • Heating element are protected against accidental burn out against dry run.
  • Totally covered underside base provides for high speed energy (heat) transfer, faster heat up time thus resulting in reduction of energy consumption with improved uniformity which in turn speeds heat uniformly over a broader area.


(In mm) (L X B X D)
#OBRE-1203.06-5.8L 325x295x65 5.8 SS 300
#OBRE-1202.06-9.5L 500x295x65 9.5 SS 400
#OBRE-1201.06-19L 620x500x65 19 SS 600
#OBRE-1203.10-8.5L 325x295x100 8.5 SS 400
#OBRE-1202.10-12L 500x295x100 12 SS 400
#OBRE-1201.10-29L 620x500x100 29 SS 1000
#OBRE-1203.15-13L 325x295x150 13 SS 400
#OBRE-1202.15-20L 500x295x150 20 SS 750
#OBRE-1201.15-43L 620x500x150 43 SS 1200
#OBRE-1203.20-17L 325x295x200 17 SS 600
#OBRE-1202.20-28L 500x295x200 28 SS 1000
#OBRE-1219.1-33L 400x400x200 33 SS 1000
#OBRE-1219.3-42L 450x450x200 42 SS 1200
#OBRE-1201.20-58L 620x500x200 58 SS 2500
#OBRE-1219.2-40L 400x400x250 40 SS 1200
#OBRE-1219.4-60L 450x450x300 60 SS 2500
#OBRE-1219.5-75L 500x500x300 75 SS

(In mm) (L X B X D)
Tank Capacity (in Ltrs.) Holds 1 No. R.B. Flask of Cap. (In Ltrs.)
#OBRO-1304.07-2.4L 175x90 2.4 1.0
#OBRO-1304.10-6.4L 240x130 6.4 3.0
#OBRO-1319.11-10L 270x150 8.3 5.0
#OBRO-1319.14-22L 350x200 19.5 10.0
#OBRO-1319.18-55L 450x285 45 20.0