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  • The purpose of DE-Humidifier is to protect against damage by moisture to AGRICULTUIRAL PRODUCTS, LIFE SAVING DRUGS, FOOD PRODUCTS, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, INSTRUMENTATION, PLASTIC, RUBBER PAPER, METAL and to any other substances which are sensitive to moisture. This has a wide end use.
  • Most useful where the products requiring drying are temperature sensitive.
  • The DE-HUMIDIFIER has an INDIVIDUAL FUNCTION to condense the moisture. The tendency of moisture always is to flow from higher moisture zone to the lower moisture zone. Thus the moisture flows between the substances in the room and the space. The function of the DEHUMIDIFIER is to reduce the moisture content in the space. During the process of Dehumidification the space becomes gradually dry and accordingly moisture infiltrates to the space through structure, crevices around doors, windows, ceiling, partitions and while opening the entry doors as the vapour pressure is higher outside than inside the room. Further moisture will also be added to the space by hygroscopic substances and persons working in the space.
  • The DE-HUMIDIFIER offered is suitable for a volume of upto 1500 cuft to control humidity of upto 30% RH +3% (Depending upon the ambient temperature and humidity conditions) with an occupancy of maximum three people in the air conditioned room and the structure vapour sealed. In case if the area is larger and the human occupancy is more than three, it will be necessary to install sufficient number of DEHUMDIFIER equipment to match up with the moisture load in the space to de De-humidifier, we advise you to apply vapour proof or glossy oil paints on the walls and ceiling to minimize the permeation of moisture in to the room.
  • The DE-HUMIDIFIER equipment draws air from the room and puts it back into the room duly dehumidifier. The room temperature will rise due to addition of latent heat on account of moisture removal. Hence it is necessary to have a window type air conditioning unit to compensate for the dehumidifier heat load in the room. Dehumidifier equipment is required to bring down relative humidity levels while the air conditioner is required to control the temperature in the room.

MODEL #DH-15(A) #DH-15(D)
Compressor Type Heavy duty low back pressure Heavy duty low back pressure
Volume covered Suitable for approx 1500 Cuft Suitable for approx 1500 Cuft
Humidity Control Analog Humidistat Through an automatic Humidity Controller
Safety Device Through a AUTO TIME Control Safety Device
Humidity Achievable 30% - 40% RH 30% - 40% RH
Type Water condensing type based on "refrigeration cycle"
Compressor Hermetically sealed compressor
Advantage Eliminates use of costly chemicals
Coils Both the heat exchanger and water condensing coils are made of copper pipes
Fan Motor Heavy duty singles shaft motor with high static fan for long throw of dehumidified air for better circulation of air in the room
Chasis Compact and occupied minimum floor space. Designed on a Heavy frame and quick removable sheet metal panels for servicing and maintenance. Fitted with heavy duty caster wheels to avoid additional trolley and for easy portability
Control (OPTION) Analogue control through a Humidistat OR Microprocessor Based Digital Humidity Indicator-cum- Controller
Power Supply 220/230V AC, 50/60Hz