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Pass Through Dual Door UV-C Sterilizing Chamber “MAC”

Dual Door Interlocked UV-C Sterilizing Chambers are ideal for the transfer of material from the non-secure side to the bio-secure side or clean side. These are suitable for small scale sterilization to remove pathogens from everyday items. Also available in large sizes where higher volumes are required to be sterilized.


  • Double Door With Auto Interlock
  • Maximizes Bio-security protocols.
  • Kills a majority of viruses in a recommended five-minute disinfection cycle.
  • Provide an effective disinfection operation where no other methods exist.
  • Rugged shelving supports heavy items.
  • Digital LCD display with a countdown timer.
  • Pass-through interlocked lockout protects against accidental exposure.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Chamber (SS-304).
  • Easy to use one-button operation.
  • Chemical-free disinfection.


STERIMAX ® Pass-Through Dual Door UV-C Sterilizing Chamber is an eco-friendly and cost-effective tool that uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) light sterilization to kill viruses and other pathogens before they enter bio-secure areas. The STERIMAX® UV-C light fixes key vulnerabilities found on everyday items like food cell phone salons beauty parlors, industries, offices, medical and research labs, hospitals, etc. by destroying the bacteria's ability to multiply and spread disease.

Easy To Use

Before entering a bio-secure area, simply place your items into the chamber through the “street” or dirty side. Then, after exposing the items to UV-C light for a recommended time of five minutes, they can be removed on the “bio-secure” or clean side.

Adaptive Design

The STERIMAX® Pass-Through Dual Door UV-C Sterilizing Chamber is ideal for small-scale use, limiting the import of pathogens through everyday items like cell phones, food, eyeglasses, and tools, while the large chamber is great for facilities or entrances with a higher volume of people coming and going every single day.

How It Works

There are two factors that directly influence the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection: time of exposure and UV-C radiance (intensity) and five minutes of exposure to UV-C radiation in our chamber resulted in the elimination of >99.99% of common viruses and bacteria

Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
MODEL#SC-1 (Small Pass Through Chamber)
Input Voltage220-230 V/ 50/60Hz
Opening Power / Current50W / 670mA
Standby Power / Current7W/100mA
Germicidal Lamps15 Watts x 4 Lamps
Outside Mechanical Dimensions29.5' (L) x 23' (W) x 23.5' (H) / (750 x 584 x 600 mm) (Tolerance +5%)
No. of Doors2 (Interlockable)
No of Trays1 (At Base)
Timer SettingIn seconds and minutes
Output254 nm UV-C
Typical five-minutes exposure in STERIMAX® Pass Through Dual Door UV-C Sterilizing Chamber
Adenovirus Type 15Virus - NIL
Bacillus Anthraces Spores – Anthrax spores Bacteria - NIL
CandidaFungal- NIL
Clostridium TetanlBacteria - NIL
Salmonelta TyphimurlumBacteria - NIL
Callclvirus FelineBacteria - NIL
Glardia Lamblia
Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaProtozoa- NIL
Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive syndromeVirus- NIL
InfluenzaVirus- NIL
Staphylococcus AureusVirus- NIL
Salmonella Enteritidis Bacteria- NIL
Cryptosporidium ParvumBacteria- NIL
Legionelia PneurnophilaProtozoa- NIL
Rabies VirusBacteria- NIL
Escherichia Coli – O157H7Bacteria- NIL
Carnpylobacter JejuniVirus- NIL
Canine ParvovirusVirus- NIL
Bovine Coronavirus (BCV)Virus- NIL