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Bone Saw (Oscillatory & Rotary Type) MSW-521

It has all the advantage of both Oscillatory and Rotating. Before sterlising by autoclaving, the motor unit and cord should be duly wrapped in towel. Sterlising by any other method could be harmful to the motor unit.

Outfit includes: Motor Unit, Variable speed foot switch, Fitted case, Double Arbod Complete with two 1-3/8 saws, Circular saw blades (1-5/8" dia) Cutting Burrs (2), Slotting Burrs (6), Twist Drill (4), Allen Wrench (2), End Wrench (1), Oscillating saw blades (2" dia), Cutaway Oscillation blades (2" dia) Oscillation scoop (3/4"), Single blade Arbor (for Oscillating blades) and Chuck key. To work on 220/230 volts A.C