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Working on isothermal principal our bomb calorimeters provide easy, simple and inexpensive method for determining calorific values of organic matter, liquids, food products, bagasse, animal feeds, husk, petrol / diesel etc. It is also the most accurate method of determining heat of combustion of fuels.

MODEL # BC - 506
Bomb Capacity 300 ml
Control & Display Digital Display
Pressure Test Each bomb is tested at a pressure of 300 kg/cm2 for 10 minutes
MOC (Bomb) Bomb body & lid are made of corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Alloy.
MOC (Crucible) Made of corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Alloy
MOC (Water Jacket) Static and made from Stainless Steel
Regulating Valve Fine Control regulator valve with Pressure Gauge
Safety Valve Safety relief valve for user safety comes as a standard feature
Design & Standard Designed as per fundamental Standards : BS-1016 - Part 5 (1967), BIS-1350 - Part 2 and IP - 12/63T
Operating Time Per Test Main Testing Period takes maximum of 15-20 minutes / test
Oxygen Filling Through a high pressure Schrader Valve
Testing Temp. Range Operating range from 50C to 400C
Temperature Resolution Temperature Scanning Resolution of 0.010C
R.S.D 2-3%
Range Measurement Range : 1000 - 10000 cal/gm
Gas Filling Push - n - fit type filling system for user ease
Digital Beckman Thermometer Microprocessor Based Digital Beckman Thermometer directly indicating rise in temperature
Oxygen Cylinder (Option) Oxygen cylinder 9-47 Ltrs capacity complete with dual stage regulator
  • Oxygen Cylinder for Capacity 10 ltrs.
  • Oxygen Cylinder for Capacity 47 ltrs.