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Blood Bank Refrigerator (As per WHO Guidelines) MSW-139 (DX)

As per WHO Guidelines
  • Blood Bank Refrigerators are available in various capacities, designed to fit a variety of space and storage requirements. The refrigerators are equipped with heavy-duty compressors to maintain a vital operation temperature of 4.0 C. Superior refrigeration technology and precise temperature control to ensures reliable blood storage.
  • Foamed -in-place CFC free PUF insulation ensure temperature stability and reduced energy temperature.
  • Micro-controller controls the internal temperature between 4 oC to 6 oC with an accuracy of ± 0.5 C, for storing blood bottles or blood bags.
  • The cooling is effected by a hermetically sealed CFC FREE ECO FRIENDLY COMPRESSOR.
Model #BBR-24 (WHO) #BBR-60 (WHO) #BBR-120 (WHO) #BBR-180 (WHO) #BBR-240 (WHO) #BBR-300 (WHO) #BBR-360 (WHO) #BBR-432 (WHO)
Capacity 85 Ltrs. 195 Ltrs. 265 Ltrs. 350 Ltrs. 440 Ltrs. 530 Ltrs. 618 Ltrs. 720 Ltrs.
Inner Tank Size (WxDxH) Inches 18x18.5x17.6 24x28.5x17.6 24x28x24 24x28x32 24x28x40 24x28x48 24x28x56 28x28x56
External Body Size (WxDxH) Inches 23.5x22x34.6 29.4x33x34.6 29x37.4x46 29x37.4x54 29x37.4x64 29x37.4x72 29x37.4x80 33x37.4x80
Tray Size (WxDxH) 14.8x17.5x4 20.7x28x4 20x27x4 20x27x4 20x27x4 20x27x4 20x27x4 24x27x4
Blood Bag Accommodation (of 350ml Cap.) 24 Bags 60 Bags 120 Bags 180 Bags 240 Bags 300 Bags 360 Bags 432 Bags
No. Of Drawers 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 6
Drawer Capacity Maximum 60 Bags in each drawer
Drawer Movement Adjustable and Extendable Pull Out Modular Drawers.
Temperature Preset at 4oC +0.5oC.
Temperature Alarm High 6oC & low 2oC, Audio Visual Alarm.
MOC (Inner Chamber) Stainless Steel 304 (AISI Grade, Non Corrosive, Non Magnetic).
MOC (Outer Chamber) PCRC sheet duly powder coated
MOC (Drawers) PCRC sheet duly powder coated /Stainless Steel 304
Insulation Thick foamed in place CFC free polyurethane foam (PUF).
Illumination Provided for clear inner view.
See Through Multipaned Vacuumed Glass Door (OPTION) Dual pane transparent glass door. Accounts for minimum moisture condensation on the door.
Door Lock Provided for safety and security of specimen.
Door Open Alarm Audio Visual Alarm.
Power Failure Alarm Audio Visual Alarm.
Refrigeration System Hermetically sealed compressor with CFC free refrigerants.
Evaporator Finned evaporator accounts for quick and uniform cooling.
Hold Over Time (As Per WHO Guidelines) 30 mins for temperature to rise above +6oC from +4oC.
Auto Condensate Removal For removal of condensate water.
Castor Wheels Fitted with Castor Wheels
Temperature Controller Microprocessor based Digital Temperature Indicator-Cum-Controller with in-built HI/LOW Temperature deviation alarm.
Validation Port Validation port to insert sensors for validation purposes.
Chart Recorder (Option) 7 Days circular temperature chart recorder.
Com-Port (Option) Communication Port for logging data to your PC.
Voltage Surge Protection (Option) Automatic/ Servo Voltage Stabilizer.
Battery Back-Up (Option) UPS with 10-12 Hours of back up for digital temperature display.
Power Supply Single Phase 220/230Volts AC.
  • RS-232 Communication port with US FDA 21 CFR-11 compliance windows based communication Software for data management and logging.
  • Stand-by ready to use refrigeration system in case regular system fails, with auto changeover switch.
  • Battery back-up in case power fails, for digital temperature display only,
  • See through multipaned vacuumed glass door instead of solid door as per requirement.