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Carbon Di Oxide Incubator (Deluxe Model) MSW-129 (DX)

CO2 Incubator is not only an advance instruments for cultivation of cells, tissues and bacteria but also a key equipment for immunology, genetics and bioengineering. It is widely applicable for research and production of microorganisms, agricultural science and pharmacology.
  • The latest model is a high- performance air adjusting type CO2 Incubator integrating many year of manufacturing technology and experience of our company. It is also developed with the introduction of new techniques compared with common CO2 Incubators. This type provides faster heating and less errors of temperature precision.
  • It is made of specular stainless steel by argon-arc welding techniques and semicircular arcs at corners ensure easy cleaning.
  • Microprocessor temperature controller makes temperature stability Independent alarm system for temperature- limiting ensures experiment run safely and no accident would happen
  • Microorganism filter at inlet provides 100% filtrated gases
  • Equipment with CO2 pressure-releasing valve
  • IR CO2 sensor for precise CO2 inside the chamber

Model #CDI-80(UV) #CDI-150(UV)
Capacity 80 ltrs 150 ltrs
MOC Inner Chamber Stainless Steel with curved corners
MOC Outer Chamber Mild Steel duly powder coated
Temperature Range RT+5 ~50OC
Temperature Control 0.1OC
Temperature Stability ± 0.3OC
CO2 Control Range 0~20% (Infrared Sensor)
CO2 Recovery ØCalibration x 1.2min
Humidifying Method Natural Evaporization
Ambient Temperature +5 ~35OC
Incubator Sterilizer UV method
Shelves Per Chamber 2(pcs) 3(pcs)
WxDxH Interior Dimension(mm) 400x400x500 500x500x650
WxDxH Exterior Dimension(mm) 570x580x820 660x680x950
Input Power 450W 720W
Electrical Requirement 220V, 50Hz