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CARBON DIOXIDE INCUBATOR (A Low Cost Substitute to fully Automatic Model) MSW-129

  • With the solid double walled door, a full view inner plexi-glass door enables inspection of specimens inside the chamber without disturbing the process temperature.
  • The excellent quality of magnetic gum packing for the external door.
  • User-oriented design of shelves makes you adjust each space of shelves without difficulty.
  • With forced air circulation at triple walled back, it maintains optimum uniformity of distribution of temperature.
  • High grade Polyurethane Foam (PUF) insulation between outer and inner chamber for minimal thermal loss.
  • Caster wheel mounted exterior cabinet is made of steel sheet duly powder coated.
  • Inner chamber and trays are made of stainless steel sheet (SS-304 grade).
  • Front double walled door is provided with lock and key arrangement.
  • Door operated illumination lamp is fitted inside the chamber for easy visibility.
  • Safety thermostat to prevent overheating.
  • Fitted with MICROPROCESSOR BASED DIGITAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR-CUM-CONTROLLER to control the temperature from 5°C to 60°C ±0.5°C or from Ambient to 50°C ±1°C.
  • Specially designed low-cost refrigerated and non-refrigerated models are filled with integrated PLC-HMI {Compact Single Box with 7 Segment LED interface has 3 displays (3+4+4) digit + 5 keys}.
  • The LOGIC Controller controls temperature within accuracy of +0.5oC and controls the automatic times based U.V. Sterilizing Cycle through a U.V. Lamp and the gas inlet (99% CO2 or mixture of 5% CO2 rest oxygen /nitrogen) is controlled through a AUTOMATIC SOLENOID VALVE.

MODEL #CDI-4(H) #CDI-6(H) #CDI-10(H) #CDI-4(R) #CDI-6(R) #CDI-10(R)
DIMENSIONS INNER (WXDXH) (mm) 455X410X610 505X415X830 570X550X875 455X410X610 505X415X830 570X550X875
CAPACITY 112 ltrs 171 ltrs 280 ltrs 112 ltrs 171 ltrs 280 ltrs
VOLUME 4 Cuft 6.1 Cuft 10 Cuft 4 Cuft 6.1 Cuft 10 Cuft
No. of Shelves 2 2 3 2 2 3
Temperature Ambient Non-Refrigerated +5o to 50oC Refrigerated +10o to 50oC