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Ice Cuber MSW-136 B

  • Body mounted on heavy duty angle iron frame
  • Outer Body of Stainless Steel
  • Inner storage bin of Stainless Steel (SS-304)
  • High density HCFC free PUF insulated storage bin
  • Unique modular design
  • Based on proven german technology.
  • Lower repairs and maintenance cost.
  • Higher production at a low cost.
  • Low electric and water consumption
  • Automatic flushing of system after every cycle.
  • No choking nozzles, no spraying noise and no lime deposition.
  • No pumps and no gears.
  • Water supply cut-off indicator.
  • Systems controlled through a highly sensitive temperature control unit.
  • Ultra technology eliminates use of heating grids, hence lower power consumption.
  • Ice output capacity depends on input water temperature to the extent of +10%
  • To work on 220 volts AC Supply
MODEL #ICM-25 #ICM-50 #ICM-100 #ICM-200
CAPACITY 25kgs/24hrs 50kgs/24hrs 100kgs/24hrs 200kgs/24hrs