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Tissue Culture Rack MSW-168

  • Distance between shelves to shelves is 16".
  • Size of each shelf is 48" x 16".
  • Platform surface will be of 3mm thick hylem Sheet.
  • Four 40-watt fluorescent light (With Electronic Ballast).
  • Minimum heating effect/heat dissipation.
  • No Flickering effect.
  • Energy saver with individual switching arrangement in each shelf.
  • 4x25 Watt incandescent lamps in each shelf with switching arrangement.
  • Frame with MS square pipe duly powder coated.
  • Wheel/Castor-4Nos for each trolley.
  • Side Holder Rods, on each shelf prevent the bottles etc. from falling from the three sides of a shelf, i.e on the left, back & right. Front Side is used for keeping or removing the bottles.
  • Provision for connecting the Trolley to photoperiodic Timer/Controller output.

MODEL #TCR-43 #TCR-54 #TCR-65
No. of Shelves 4 5 6
Lighting Facility in Shelves 3 4 5
Total No. of Fluorescent Tube 12 16 20
Total No. of Incandescent lamp 12 16 20
Photoperiodic Timer (OPTION) For Cyclic Illumination Control
MOC (Frame) Mild Steel Pipe Frame Duly Power Coated
MOC (Platform Surface) 3 mm Thick Hylem sheet
Size of each Shelf 48" x 16"
Distance Between Shelves to Shelves 16"
Illumination Four 40-Watt fluorescent tubes with electric ballast in each shelve
Power Supply To work on 220/230 Volts AC Supply