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Air Shower MSW-165

Air Showers are specialized antechamber which personnel need to pass through before entering clean rooms and controlled environments. Due to the requirement of dust-free conditions in clean rooms or controlled environments, Air showers are used to decontaminate by blasting dust particles off with the help of high velocity HEPA filtered air jets. With the help of high velocity filtered Air pollutants carried by personnel can be removed, the contaminated air then filtered and recirculated again to give clean transfer area. Air showers are very demanding now days for prevention of important manufacturing applications in the field of Micro electronics, Pharma, Semi conductors and are very useful in various types of researches also.
  • Available in various sizes according to users requirement.
  • Highly effective HEPA filtered air having cleanliness level as high as 99.99% with cold DOP and 99.97% with HOT DOP retaining air borne particles of size 0.3 micron
  • Pre filter installed before HEPA filter to extended life of HEPA filter.
  • Advance Microprocessor Control System.
  • High efficiency statically & dynamically balanced motor blower assembly.
  • High velocity air forced through HEPA filters.
  • Filtered air thrown in the chamber through jet nozzles with high velocity which in turn disperse particulate matter on all surface.
  • Lower portion of the Air showers suck the contaminated air and allow it to pass to blower supply plenum through pre filter installed at base.
  • This process is a continuous process in which air is continuously filtered and recirculated inside the chamber without any exchange with the external environment.
  • "MAC" Air Shower made up of CRC sheet duly powder coated OR Stainless Steel SS-304 (as ordered) and is designed with a heavy and rigid structure to provide enhanced life of the Equipment.
  • Heavy Duty centrifugal motor blower assembly for high velocity air throw. Compact design energy efficient motor and blower are balanced to give smooth, quiet and vibration free operation.
  • Air Shower chambers are provided with high intensity fluorescent light for uniform lighting throughout the chamber.
  • Corrosion resistant, high strength, durable with flawless array of high velocity nozzles for direct high velocity air jets within the chamber.
  • The Air Shower system controls the sequential locking and release of the doors, and control the blower. The two doors are interlocked such that two doors cannot be opened at the same time, to prevent pressure losses and cross contamination.
  • Special interlocking feature of our Air Shower system achieve this by preventing simultaneous access of door by ensuring that when one door of Air Shower interlocking system is open then other door is closed before opening of door.
  • Advance Microprocessor controller having Digital LED Display features interlocking system.
  • Both the doors of the Air Shower are interlocked with each other preventing simultaneous access of the door by ensuring that when one door of Air Shower is open then other door is closed. Only one door can be opened at a time to prevent pressure losses and cross contamination. Controller will show "WAIT" to indicate that the other door is open.
  • System controls the sequential locking and release of the door and controls the Blower.
  • Interlocking feature of CFL, UV Tube and blower enables automatic ON of CFL and blower on opening of the door and when door will be closed UV Tube will be ON for sterilizing the cross-over area.
  • Advanced Micro controller based system
  • Delay time between door opening is 4 Sec.
  • Inbuilt sensor Magnetic Lock to read door feedback.
  • Door status indication with high intensity Bar LEDs
  • Status indication " GO, WAIT, DOOR OPEN, CLOSE DOOR
  • Buzzer output for door kept open more than specified time from 2 min.
  • UV Lamp controlling
  • UV Lamp On for both doors closed
  • UV Lamp OFF for both doors open
  • CF Lamp controlling
  • CF lamp ON when any door is open
  • CF Lamp OFF for both doors Closed

MODEL #AS-337(CRC) #AS-337(SS)
Inner Chamber Size (WXDXH) 3'x3'x7'
Initial Airflow Velocity 20-22 m/s
Filtration Efficiency Main Filter : HEPA Filter with efficiency >99.99% at 0.3 µm, Pre Filter : Efficiency of 20% Disposable Glare free white Fluorescent tubes.
Illumination Glare free white Fluorescent tube
MOC CRC sheet duly powder coated Stainless Steel (SS-304)
Motor Blower Assembly Three-Phase, suitable external motor blower assembly