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Biological Safety Cabinet (Type C-3) MSW-164 C3

  • 100 % air exhaust
  • Negative pressure air surrounding all biological contaminated parts
  • The Class-III Biological Safety Cabinet are designed for work with biosafety level 4 high risk microbiological agents, and provides maximum protection to the environment and the worker. It is a gas tight enclosure with a non-opening, completely sealed, viewing window. Access to the interior of the cabinet is through a double door pass through "interchange" box. Reversing that process allows for safe removal of materials from Class III biosafety cabinet.
  • Both supply and exhaust air are HEPA filtered. Exhaust air must pass through HEPA filter. Class III cabinets usually exhaust air back to the laboratory, however the exhaust air can also be exhausted to the external environment via a dedicated ductwork system. The air exhauted to the environment can also pass through an optional additional level of SAFETY, though not essential, by incineration process (commonly known as Virus burn-out systems). Air Flow is maintained by a dedicated independent (optional) exhaust system exterior to the cabinet, which keeps the cabinet and all associated ducting under negative pressure.
  • Long, gloves and glove ports are attached in a gas - tight manner to ports of the cabinet. Although these gloves restrict movement for the manipulation of the materials isolated inside the cabinet, they prevent the user's direct contact with the hazardous materials. THE TRADE-OFF IS CLEARLY ON THE SIDE OF MAXIMIZING PERSONAL SAFETY.
  • Negative pressure surrounds the work area with double wall plenums for protection.
  • Air drawn through pre-filter is made to pass through highly effective HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filters
  • MAIN/SUPPLY FILTER having efficiency rating as high as 99.99% with cold DOP and 99.97% with hot DOP, thus retaining all air-borne particles of size 0.3 micron and larger. The highly efficient HEPA filter maintains the optimum cleanliness and purity. Being equipped with the prefilter, it can extend the life of HEPA filter.
  • Aerodynamic airflow grills maintain safety and prevents blockage.
  • U.V and fluorescent interlock available
  • Ergonomic and comfortable sloped front window for comfortable head and elbow rest position, thus reducing fatigue
  • Sash is sealed and fixed with glove and ports for access to work zone and enhanced user safety.
  • Personnel protection from harmful agents used inside the biosafety cabinet.
  • Product protection to avoid contamination of the works, experiment or process from outside contaminants.
  • Environmental protection from contaminants contained within the biosafety cabinet.
  • Typically used for biosafety level 4 for high risk biological agents.
  • No air recirculation, and air is exhausted by HEPA filters and to the room directly. If the air needs to be exhausted to outdoors, another out connected duct need to be ordered, and an extra duct and motor blower (option) are required.
  • The special design makes interior of cabinet is completely under negative pressure, and sure the HEPA filters, ensures operators security, neither substance nor polluted air will leak out.
  • Since it is a gas tight enclosure with a non-opening, completely sealed, viewing window. Access to the interior of the cabinet is through a double door pass through "interchange" box. Reversing that process allows for safe removal of materials from Class-III biosafety cabinet.
  • Class-III biological safety cabinets are gas-light, designed for use with high risk biological agents. Class-III cabinets provide the highest level of personnel, product and environmental protection,
Typical applications include:
  • Working with emerging diseases or diseases marked for near eradication.
  • Weighing and diluting chemical carcinogens.
  • Working with high concentrations of low to moderated risk agents.
  • Working with large amounts of low to moderate risk agents.
  • Use of equipment or instrumentation generating high aerosol volumes.
  • Maximum containment of highly infectious or hazardous experimental materials.
  • An extra level of safety not available in Class I or II cabinets.
CLASS-III 4 High risk biological agents

Exhaust System with Blower (OPTION)
  • With an exhaust system (Option) consisting of a heavy duty and powerful motor blower system, Class III Type biological safety cabinet is able to exhaust 100% potentially contaminated air outside the cabinet & air.
Drain Trough with Valve
  • The trough at base is easy to clean and for offloading liquid spillage if any.
Upper & Front Cover
  • Removable upper and front cover simplifies filter, blower and front control panel replacements and maintenance easier.
Decontamination by UV Lamp
  • UV Lamp to produce UV rays of 253.7 nanometers and fluorescent lamp are interlocked and motor blower are turned off/on as and when front sash is closed/opened. UV lamps functions through a timer (Option) to control the decontamination cycle and maximize UV lamp life. The UV lamp shuts off once the desired set time of decontamination is over and switches the fluorescent lamp to ON position.
Front Window/Sash
  • Front Sach sealed and fixed consists of plexi-glass or a thick toughned transparent glass (Option) for a clear inside view
Material of Construction
  • Internal Working Chamber is made up of Stainless Steel (SS-304).
  • Exterior Cabinet is fabricated of Stainless Steel or Cold Rolled Steel duly powder coated.
Hour Meter (Option)
  • It monitors the total usage time of UV lamp and helps in estimation for the need of lamp replacement.
Control & Display Panel (Option)
  • Microprocessor Controller with auto switch off / on mode for motor blower . The UV lamp operate via an automatic timer with automatic shut-off managed by the microprocessor controller and shall be interlocked with the blower /motor and fluorescent lights for safety. Digital buzzer timer sounds an audio alarm on completion of sterilizing time of the chamber and the switches OFF U.V germicidal tube and automatically switches ON the fluorescent light, alerting user that the bench is ready for use.
Filter Life Indication (Magnehlic Gauge) (Option)
  • Filter has estimated service life, which is uncertain subject to different local air quality, research subjects and operation frequency. There is possible pollution hazard if operator is unconscious to filter expiration. Automatic filter life display is designed to measure filter life in according to actual condition of membrane. Magnhelic Gauge is designed to track FILTER PRESSURE and help user make a confident plan for future filter replacement.
Electronic Filter Choke Alarm (Option)
  • An electronic differential pressure monitor sounds an audio alarm at a preset value at choke position , helping user to plan for filter replacement.
Front Airflow Intake Grid
  • Aerodynamically designed front airflow intake grid eliminates potential turbulence and contamination.
Supply Valve Ports/Service Fixtures (Option)
  • Three supply valve ports and service fixtures are available for extensive and convenient source for Gas / Vacuum/Air within the working area.
Floor Stand and Castor Wheels
  • Floor Stand is made up of heavy duty tubular pipe duly powder coated and fitted with durable castor wheels for horizontal rotation and total brake system on front wheels.

Internal Size (WxDxH) mm 900x600x600 1200x600x600 1500x600x600
MOC Internal Working Chamber : Stainless Steel (SS-304) Exterior Cabinet : Cold Rolled Steel Duly Powder Coated or Stainless Steel (SS-304)
Pre- Filter Mounted on metal frame.
Supply/Main Filter HEPA (Efficiency 99.97% @0.3 microns to meet air quality ISO Class 4 equivalent to US FED STD 209 E, Class 10
Exhaust Filter HEPA (Efficiency 99.97% @0.3 microns to meet air quality ISO Class 4 equivalent to US FED STD 209 E, Class 10
Electrical Socket Electrical Socket is provided for using small electrical devices
Power Supply 220/230 Volts AC supply
Service Fixtures (Option) Supply ports for Gas / Vacuum / Air are available
Sash Lift Made of toughned glass or plexi-glass with totally sealed window.
a) ULPA Filter in lieu of HEPA filter to cost extra
b) Magnehelic Pressure Differential Gauge (To track filter pressure in lieu of static pressure manometer)
c) Electronic filter choke alarm (Differential Pressure Monitor)
d) Microprocessor Controller with door position alarm with Auto Switch off mode for motor blower when door is closed. Digital buzzer timer sounds an audio alarm on completion of sterilizing time of the chamber and the switches off U.V. germicidal tune and automatically switches ON the fluorescent light, alerting the user that the bench is ready for use.
e) Virus Burn Out
f) Heavy Duty exhaust system
g) Exhaust ducting per running feet
h) HEPA filter at exhaust
i) Digital downflow velocity indicator