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Orbital Shaking Incubator MSW-132 (R)
(Bench Top Shaker For Above Ambient Temperature)

  • Useful for life sciences applications, fermentation Studies, Ageing Tests, Growth Studies and biological cultures under various controlled temperature conditions.
  • Advanced shaking mechanism provides quiet shaking and precise speed control with digital display.
  • Minimum noise, no vibration and minimal footprint.
  • Automatic stop of shaking system when door is opened.
  • Stabilized orbital motion under uneven load distribution.
  • Various configurations of stainless steel lotus clamps available for Erlenmeyer flasks.
  • Interior made of Stainless Steel (304 grade) with a drain-off-facility for spill overs.
  • One set of lotus clamp holders with one shaking platform of stainless steel (SS-304) supplied with the unit as a standard accessory.
  • Automatic restart at preset speed in case of power failure.

MODEL #OSH-250(SAD) #OSH-250(R)
Temperature Control Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-controller with LED display with an in built digital timer and alarm.
Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-controller with LCD display
Temperature Range Heated Model (Ambient +5OC to 60OC) Refrigerated Model (Ambient +5OC to 60OC)
MOC Outer Powder Coated CRC Steel Sheet
MOC Inner Chamber and shaking platform made of stainless steel (SS-304)
Type Forced Convection Type
Temperature Accuracy +1oC
RPM Range Upto 250rpm or 300 rpm (Option)
Shaking Amplitude 25mm
Insulation High Density mineral wool insulation for tighter temperature controls
Safety Over temperature limiter switch prevents overheating
Drive Permanent Magnet DC Drive for continuous operations.
Shaking Trays Size 450mm x 450mm
Shaking control Stepless Continuously variable Speed Control System
Shaking Motion Orbital
Power Supply 230V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Interior illumination Arrangement through a pair of CFL
  • Chamber sterilization through a U.V. germicidal tube.
  • Communication Port with interface and data cable to download data to your PC.
  • Servo Voltage (Cap : 4 KVA)
  • Spare lotus clamps made of S.S.