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Dry Bath Incubator / Thermo Shaker Incubator MSW-441

Designed for simultaneous heating, cooling and mixing of small samples. These models can be supplied with interchangeable platforms for various tubes. Mixing, heating and cooling modes can be used either simultaneously or independently. The main body of the Mixing Block can be used with different kinds of blocks.
  • LCD display. It is easy to setup and use.
  • Accurately control and display time, temperature and speed.
  • Simultaneous set and actual display of time and temperature.
  • Can adapt to different tubes & wells to cope with experimental needs.
  • Easy to replace and simple to clean and sterilize metal blocks(optional).
  • Customize blocks are available to suit your specific demands.
  • Microprocessor controlled incubation time and temperature.
  • Beep-signal/stop after program completion.
  • Over heating protection device ensures safety & reliability.
  • Audible signal to indicate end of run after program completion.
  • Gental, reliable mixing with long-life direct current motor.
  • Peltier design of #DBI-100P & #DBI-100P provides efficient thermal control.
  • Models #DBIS-100 & #DBIS-100P have facility of shaking with shaking speed of 200-1500rpm with mixing orbit of 2mm.
  • Operates on 220V, 50Hz supply.

MODEL #DBI-100 #DBI-100P #DBIS-100 #DBIS-100P
Temperature Control Range RT + 50C ~ 1000C RT + 50C ~ 1000C RT + 50C ~ 1000C 00C ~ 1000C (Ambient < 200C)
Timing Range 1min ~ 99h59min 1min ~ 99h59min 1min ~ 99h59min 1min ~ 99h59min
Temperature Control Accuracy +0.50C +0.50C +0.50C +0.50C
Display Accuracy 0.10C 0.10C 0.10C 0.10C
Heating Time(200C to 1000C) <12min <20min <15min <15min
Cooling Time(1000C to 200C) -------- <30min(*) -------- <30min (from RT. To RT. -200C) <15min (from 1000C ~ 200C)
Heating Mode Heater Peltier Heater Peltier
Cooling Mode ---- Peltier ------ Peltier
Mixing Speed/ Mixing Orbit --------- --------- 200~1500rpm/2mm 200~1500rpm/2 mm
Power ---------- ---------- 150W 150W
Electric Supply 220V, 50/60Hz AC Supply
Blocks for Dry Bath Incubator Thermo Shaker Incubator MSW-441
Code Description
AS 96x0.2ml
BS 54x0.5ml
CS 35x1.5ml
DS 35x2.0ml
ES 15x0.5ml+20x1.5ml
FS 24xØ<12mm tubes
GS 12x15 ml Falcon
HS 6x50ml Falcon
IS 103x67x30mm Bath Block
JS 96x0.2 ml Micro Plate
KS 24x5ml tubes
LS 96-Deep Well Plate