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"MAC" Autoclaves are most ideal for all applications requiring, routine total destruction of all living micro-organisms. An Autoclaves, tabletop autoclave, fully automatic autoclave for Laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, R&D labs etc. We are the first company in India to introduce SEMI-AUTOMATIC and FULLY AUTOMATIC VARIANTS of AUTOCLAVES. We are one of the leading suppliers of CE/ISO/GMP/GLP complaint autoclaves with facilities of in-house as well as on site VALIDATIONS through our NABL Accredited ERTL (Govt. of India) approved calibrators along with MULTI-POINT TEMPERATURE SCANNER for uniform sterilization throughout the chamber. Please have a look at our NEW-ADDITION of TABLE TOP AUTOCLAVE (MSW-108) with VACUUM PULSING MODE.

We are include many variety of Autoclaves like Autoclave Vertical, Autoclave Vertical Deluxe , Autoclave Portable, Tabletop Autoclave, Cylindrical Autoclave Manufacturer.We are also manufacturer of sterilization equipments.
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